DreiMädelHaus - Restaurant & Hotel
Dorfstrasse 23
27243 Kirchseelte
Telefon 04206 - 831






“Vitello Tonnato”

Veal in thin sclices

with tunafish sauce and caper apples

10,50 €


Fried goat’s milk cheese

with honey and caramelized nuts

7,90 €





Wedding soup „Kirchseelte“

with chicken meat, meatballs,

custard ryoale, cauliflower floweret and pasta pearls


in a cup 4,80 €

in a tureen 9,50 €


Tomato soup

with roasted cashews

4,90 €




Big salad with slices of chicken breast

mushrooms, peanuts and seeds

13,90 €


Big mixed salad

with tunafish, red onions and eggs

8,50 €



Vegetarian dish

Home-made pasta

with dried tomatoes, rucola und Parmesan cheese

12,90 €



Grilled and pan-fried


Pork schnitzel

with a mixed salad and fried potatoes

15,90 €



from Argentinian beef (about 250g) with fried mushrooms,

port wine shallot gravy and braised potatoes

23,80 €

Cold roast beef

with tartare sauce,

fried potatoes and a small salad

15,30 €


Chicken breast “Asia”

Fried chicken breast on wok vegetables,

teriyaki sauce and spiced rice

15,90 €





Medallion of wild salmon

on home-made pasta,

lobster sauce and spiced tomates

17,20 €

 Hake fillet

with fried potatoes,

mustard sauce and a mixed salad

15,90 €


Whole trout

with melted butter, a mixed salad and herb potatoes

15,50 €

Traditional meals


Filleted matie

with home-style sauce,

fried potatoes and red onions

11,90 €


‘Knipp’ (groats sausage)

with fried potatoes, apple sauce

and a small salad

10,50 €

Home-made meat in aspic

with tartare sauce,

 fried potatoes, and a small salad

9,50 €


‚Starter plate‘

‚Knipp‘ (groats sausage), aspic and roastbeef

with salad garnishing, tartare sauce and fried potatoes

13,50 €


‚Dreimädelhaus‘ plate

Pork medallions with mushroom sauce,

beans with bacon, and fried potatoes

18,90 €



Crème brûlée

with vanilla and nougat-brittle ice cream

6,50 €


Red fruit jelly

with vanilla sauce

or vanilla ice cream

4,50 €



Feel free to ask us for our separate ice cream menu.